How to increase subscribers on YouTube?


I explained how to utilize YouTube for digital marketing in the previous article.

Use YouTube for Attracting Customers

YouTube should be used for attracting customers for digital marketers.

You had better increase subscribers if you do business.

The more subscribers, the more views.

Then the more income you can earn.


So I’ll explain how to increase YouTube subscribers.


The first tip is that you had better concentrate on one genre.

Genre is like sports, health, business, communication, study, affections, investment, etc.

You’d better not mix many genres in one YouTube channel.

This is same tip as how to increase twitter followers as I explained in this article.

How to increase twitter followers?

If you mix many genres like sports, affections, investment in your YouTube channel, the viewers would be confused.

Then they wouldn’t subscribe your channel.


The second tip is, make effective thumbnail on YouTube.

the viewers click attractive thumbnail when they choose what they watch YouTube videos.

Even if you upload very high-quality video on YouTube, the viewers wouldn’t watch your video as long as the thumbnail is not attractive.

So you should give high priority to making attractive thumbnail as much as making videos.


The third tip is, CONTINUE.

How many people give up posting videos before achieving their goals?

So many.

It is rare to get many subscribers on YouTube in a short time.

Successful YouTubers continue posting videos regularly for many years.

So don’t give up.

Keep at it.

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