Use YouTube for Attracting Customers


More and more people become YouTubers in these days.

Most of them earn money by YouTube advertisement program.

That is, they get income from YouTube itself.

Because they don’t have their own products.

That business model is not profitable if you are an ordinary person.

If you are a celebrity or famous YouTuber who has millions of subscribers, it is OK to earn money by only YouTube advertisement.

Otherwise it is very difficult to make a living by YouTube advertisement.

So I recommend to have own products.

It is the way to get higher profit margin.

Then you had better use YouTube to sell your products.


As I explained in the past article, Twitter should be used for attracting customers.

Using Twitter for Attracting Customers

YouTube also should be used for the same purpose.


Successful digital marketers are making a big profit by selling their own products without exception.

They regard YouTube as one of the customer collecting methods.

Their business models are very efficient.

So I’m learning business from them.

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