Build trust first, sell products later.

build trust first

Many people fail to increase sales because they try to sell products without the trust of their prospective customers. Especially beginners tend to make a sales talk from the beginning without thinking about customers’ emotions. In fact, it is rare for customers to buy something from people who are not trustworthy.

I understand the beginners’ those feelings that they are eager to increase their sales. However, the feelings could have the opposite effect to what is intended. No matter how good a product it is, customers do care about the seller.

Conversely, if customers trust you well, they will buy your products without listening to your explanation about the products in detail. Building trust with customers is one of the most important things in order to succeed in business. Therefore, many digital marketers write blogs or email newsletters and use SNS such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. People can read and watch these media for free, then they judge whether the sellers are trustworthy or not. Or, they even meet prospective customers in person by holding events for free, for example. This is because they understand the importance of building trust.

So, if you want to increase sales, I recommend making trust first, selling products later.

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