How to increase twitter followers?

increase twitter followers

I emphasized the importance of using twitter in Japan at previous post.

I’m going to explain the tips to increase twitter followers in this post.

At first, you have to tweet valuable information.

If you are not celebrity, people are not interested in your daily life.

“I ate lunch with my friends!” “I’m tired of working.” something like these.

They are not valuable for most people. Nobody want such information.

Valuable information is helpful knowledge, raising motivation, funny tweets, etc.

And you should focus on one or two genres especially at first.

ex.)business, sports, study, communication, sales, diet, beauty.

People don’t want to follow who tweets many varieties of genres.

If you have a specialized field, it’s a best to tweet about.


Next, getting involved with influencers.

Reply or quote tweet to influencers.

If they acknowledge and like you, you can get along with them.

It’s good way to have many people see your tweets.


At last, continue to use twitter.

It’s very difficult to get many twitter followers only for several days.

It needs several months at least.

So you shouldn’t give up.

I was surprised how many people had given up using twitter before getting many followers.

I know it’s tough to continue to tweet almost daily.

But most successful twitterers got followers by continuous tweets.

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