Daily routine for freelancers

freelancer routine

I’m going to introduce my daily routine as a freelancer.

I have three things to do every day recently.


First, I go to the gym to exercise.

To be healthy is very important for everyone.

If you are not healthy, you cannot perform well on business.


Second, I take online English lessons everyday.

I use English language on my business, especially on my YouTube channel.

I’m also working as a YouTuber who collaborate with many foreign people.

It is better to have English skill.

And I want to expand my business.

I will do business all over the world in the future.

So I study English everyday.


Third, I write THIS blog.

It is difficult for me to write blog in English.

Because I’m Japanese of course.

English is a second language for me.

But, as I told, I want to expand my business to the world.

So it is good way to write English-based blog.

Then I introduce myself to the English-speaking world.

I’m getting used to writing blog in English little by little.


These are my three things to do everyday.

But This is recent.

I’ve working for 5 years as a freelancer.

My daily routine has changed.

I’m very free. I traveled many countries and places.

I can choose what I do on that day.

So my lifestyle is completely different from usual office workers.

It is a good thing to be a freelancer.

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