How to win friends and influence people -Book review-

How to win friends and influence people

I highly recommend this book for everyone, who wants to learn about human interaction. You get great value by reading and applying the technics in this book.

In my last blog post, I was talking about Twitter marketing. Right now, I have 15,000 followers on Twitter. Reading this book helped me a lot to gain this number. Please let me explain, how I did it:

– How to communicate with strangers?

The main concept in this book is that people like people, who have a similar interest. So how do you become interesting? You need to adjust the way of your communication to the other person. If you get a long-styled polite email, reply in a long-styled polite way. If you get a one-word message, reply with a one-word message.

– How get win friends?

People will forget everything. But they will not forget the feeling. In order to win many friends, what you have to do is to make them feel welcome and warm. At first, they will remember the conversation, but after a while, they will just remember an emotion. In order to win friends, connecting on an emotional level is very important.

That’s all. I was getting very excited after reading this book. At different events I was trying these communication technics, it helped me a lot. How about you? Do you want to win more friends?

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