You should not impose your values on others


I have met many people for my work and in private so far. I think I’m doing well in terms of making friends. So, today I’m going to introduce a tip for communicating with people.

Many people tend to impose their values on others sometimes. The people would say “You should do this because you want to be something.” Then, you might have experienced that you had thought “What are you talking about? I’ve never been interested in that at all. Mind your own business anyway.”

We all have different values. For example, not every man wants to be popular with many women forever. Not every woman has a strong desire to be beautiful always. Not every foreign language learner is looking for a foreign boyfriend/girlfriend, the learner might just want to do the business in another country or make friends in many countries. But some people label others by prejudices without trying to know others’ thoughts.

To make matters worse, they advise others as believing they are doing a good thing even if it is just annoying to others. You don’t have to counsel others unless you are turned to do that. We shouldn’t interfere with others’ private lives.

I believe we can build good relationships with those in our social circle by understanding that we have different values.

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