Don’t ask others for something before you give them anything


Have you heard the phrase “Give and Take”? It is a golden rule to build a good interpersonal relationship.  Give to others at first, then you can take something from them.

But sometimes, especially unsuccessful people want to take something from others without giving anything. We call them TAKER. They would struggle to build a good relationship with successful people as long as they have such attitude.

I have been providing a consulting service as a business. I promote the service on my blog, Twitter, email magazine, and YouTube. Of course, the service is not free. I’m charging a fee for the consultation. Because it is a business, not a hobby. However, some readers or subscribers try to meet me and ask for something for free. Why do they think that I would meet them without any profit? If I have time infinitely, I could do that. But my own time is limited. So I don’t spend time doing that. I spend time on my clients.

The problem is that they won’t give something that others want. If they give something to others, they would get something in return.

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