The secret of effective communication lies not so much in being a good talker as in being a good listener

good listener

Many people struggle with making good relationships with others. Some people try to improve their talking skills in order to refine their communication with others. However, the skills might be useless to achieve that purpose, since, even if you improve the skills and talk a lot to a person, you cannot make friends with them without actively listening.

Listening could be more important than talking as a communication skill when you want to make friends. In this case, listening doesn’t mean just being quiet but it includes understanding others’ thoughts and asking appropriate questions to make them talk to you comfortably. It’s important to find what others want to talk about in the course of conversation. It’s easy for people to feel good when they talk about what they are interested in.

Some people think of communication skills as talking skills, and they think lightly of listening. In a worse case, some just talk about themselves to try to prove them to be worth it. But it has the opposite effect on making friends. In conclusion, to improve listening skills is helpful to make good relationships with many people.

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