You have to write the same thing over and over again so that the readers understand your concept properly


Many digital marketers struggle with having readers not understand their thoughts properly. You might think it is easy to make readers understand your idea by writing a blog or an e-mail newsletter, but it is very difficult. I have found the following reasons for this.

First, usual readers don’t read your writings carefully so much. Most readers are not likely to be hardcore fans of yours, so they don’t read every single word and phrase of your blog posts and e-mail newsletters to try to know your deep thoughts. Or, they could be so busy that they don’t have enough time to read in detail.

Besides, readers might be prejudiced against you by gender, vocation, ethnic group, nationality, living area, appearance, income, hobby, preference, background, etc. I wouldn’t say we should try to abolish all prejudices completely, which is unrealistic because we can’t get to know everyone in the world. Prejudices or stereotypes exist in many magnitudes even if we do our best at trying.

For these reasons, readers could misunderstand you sometimes. In order to transmit what you want to say, I think you have no choice but to write the same thing repeatedly by rephrasing or giving multiple specific examples. You had better not expect readers to understand your concept well on a single reading. The same is true for managing a YouTube channel or other video media, of course.

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