4 conditions to succeed easily in business

affiliate marketing

Takafumi Horie is a successful entrepreneur in Japan who I respect. He suggested starting a business that meets four conditions to succeed easily for the first time.

The conditions are below:

– High-interest rate business

– A business that does not use inventory

– A business that has a fixed income regularly

– A business that requires little capital to launch

I agree with this. So, I started an affiliate marketing that meets all of the 4 conditions just after becoming a self-employed proprietor. Then, I got the business on track more quickly than expected.

But many people want to start a business that doesn’t meet these conditions such as a restaurant business that has a high degree of difficulty to make a profit. They want to do what they want to do. I agree with it to some extent. But, when you start a business for the first time, I recommend choosing a business that is easy to succeed.

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