I recommend Ukraine for nomad workers

Ukraine, Kyiv

I’ve been to Ukraine last year.

I stayed in Kyiv, the capital city in Ukraine for one week.


The country is not so popular for tourists, especially for Japanese.

But I like this country.

I’ll explain the reasons.


First, low-priced.

Prices in European countries are relatively high.

But prices in eastern Europe including Ukraine are much cheaper than western Europe.

You can live in Kyiv at $1,000 a month.

There are many reasonable but fancy cafes in the city.

So they are suitable for nomad workers.


Second, safety.

What kind of image do you have of Ukraine?



It is safe as far as I know.


Third, people are kind.

Slavs seem cold at first glance, but they are very friendly and kind.


Fourth, beautiful scenery.

There are many historical and beautiful buildings, parks, streets.

Kiev, Ukraine, square

Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine night

You can enjoy walking around the city.

It is clean and energetic.


Fifth, calm weather.

I went to Kyiv last summer.

It was not so hot nor cold.

It was a very comfortable weather.

I recommend visiting there in summer.



That’s all.

If you want to go to Ukraine, please tell me.

I might help you.

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