Employees in Japan keep working at same companies for many years

japanese company

Compared to other countries, Japanese employees tend to continue working at the same companies longer.

Especially at traditional Japanese companies, there is a lifetime employment system in Japan.

It is a unique system.

Typical Japanese white-collar workers choose the companies which they work when they are junior or senior students.

There is also a unique system in Japan which is called “simultaneous recruiting of new graduates”.

University students often get a job offer one year ahead of graduation.

After starting working, the companies educate the employees.

Job-hopping is not common in Japan.

Thus, it is very important for Japanese students to choose the companies at job-hunting.

It changes the students’ life.


In my case, I resigned from the company after I had worked for 8 years.

It is rare in the company.

Only a few employees quit the company.

My bosses persuaded me not to quit.

But I strongly insisted quitting.

Finally, I could quit the company.

I’m really glad I have quit.

Because I’m free now.

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