Cambodia is an amazing Country


When I visited Cambodia for the first time I was amazed that there was free Wi-Fi everywhere. In every café, there was free Wi-Fi. At the time in Germany, Wi-Fi was starting to become popular. However, in Germany, it was very difficult to find Wi-Fi anywhere except at home. I thought that it’s so great that you can use Wi-Fi everywhere. I was amazed by how well Cambodia is connected to the world.

It’s a very good location for people working online because cafés are very cheap and they have delicious juice such as orange juice. Further, the costs for hotels are very cheap the hotel I was staying at costs around US$10 one night and it was surrounded by a beautiful pool with delicious food. The people in Cambodia are very friendly, they are very smart and really nice to hang out.

Cambodia is very beautiful. I found many people enjoy a very simple way of life in Cambodia, but they seemed happier compared to German people. Many people in Germany are too stressed all the time.


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