Thailand is one of the best countries for digital nomadworkers


I’ve been to Thailand 5 times. I strongly recommend staying in Thailand as a digital nomad worker. There are some reasons for this.

First, the prices are cheap. You can eat lunch for less  than $2 if you are not so picky. The rents and hotel charges are also extremely low. You can stay in a four-star hotel for $40 per day.

Second, it is safe. Bangkok is one of the safest metropoles in the world. You can walk around the city alone even at midnight.

Third, the food is good. You can find a tasty food from all over the world, not to mention Thai food.

Fourth, its climate is nice. You can enjoy summer all year round. So, if you don’t like cold winter in your country, you can escape from the climate and come to this tropical country. I’ve been doing that in the past few years.

Fifth the people are kind and friendly. They are open to foreigners. So, you can make Thai friends soon.

For these reasons, I can recommend Thailand for digital nomad workers.

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