Belarus is a country which is not widely known but easy to live in

I introduced Ukraine in the previous article.

I recommend Ukraine for nomad workers

Belarus is located just north of Ukraine.

I went to Belarus last summer.

Then, I liked it a lot.

Belarus has similar characteristics to Ukraine such as a language, an ethnic group, culture, food, etc.

It is also suitable for nomad workers.

Prices in Belarus are low.

The internet environment is good.

Actually, the country is called “the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe”

There are many successful IT companies.



Minsk is the capital city.

It is not a huge city.

People are kind and friendly.

Good security, clean.

I like the city.


Minsk, Belarus

Minsk, Belarus night


The climate is cool.

Even in summer, you need long sleeves at night.

Minsk, Belarus, people

Minsk, Belarus night long sleeves


The cold is severe in winter.

So I recommend visiting there in summer.


Belarusians don’t speak English so much.

Only some people speak English.

So I struggled with communicating with them.

Many of them speak Russian.


It’s better to learn basic Russian if you go to Belarus.

I’m learning Russian recently to go to Belarus next year.

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