Taiwan is an amazing country


Taiwan, officially the Republic of China, is not so famous country in the world. But I love this small country. Japan and Taiwan are a close relationship historically. So, many Taiwanese people are familiar with Japanese culture. Both countries have many similarities such as food, people’s outlook, and lifestyle.

There are many parts that I like about Taiwan. First,  people are friendly, kind, and cheerful. They are the kinds of characteristics of southern countries. You could become friends with them easily. Besides, the foods are great. You can eat cheap and tasty foods there. Taiwan has a great variety of food, which will not bore you. And, it is one of the safest countries in the world. It’s not dangerous even if you walk around the cities alone at night.

For these reasons, I have been to Taiwan six times already. And I want to move there in the future. I can really recommend this country to visit.

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