Travelings gave me awesome experiences

traveling abroad

I love traveling, especially visiting abroad.

I’ve been to over 20 countries.

US, UK, Australia, Mexico, China, The Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Croatia, Montenegro, France, Senegal, Turkey.

24 countries.

I counted them now for the first time.


Why do I love traveling?

In addition to visiting many tourist spots, you can meet many local people.

It is good experiences.

You can learn the cultures, the national characters, foods, history, etc. by talking to them.

I made many friends in those countries.

I’m still keeping touch with some of them.

We can exchange information about our own countries.

It’s very valuable.

You can make friends online.

But face-to-face communication is easier way to have strong connection with people.

So I value face-to-face communication.

Online communication has limitations to understand each other.


In addition to that, I make traveling is part of my job.

I write blog and email-magazine, shoot videos for YouTube, tweet on Twitter, post pictures on Instagram when I travel.

It’s a good content to travel abroad.

So you can enjoy and earn money by traveling.

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