Online English lessons improved my English skill

Online English Lessons

I have been studying English for many years.

Thanks to having studied, I became able to speak English to some extent.

I make good use of English and do my own business, especially for YouTube.


I have tried many kinds of study methods so far.

The most useful method for me was online English lessons.

I took online English lessons by Filipino teachers.

One of the official languages of the Philippines is English.

So Filipino are good at English.

Because of low labor costs in the Philippines. you can take English lessons cheaply.

Quantity is very important for learning English.

Even if the teacher is the best, only 30 minutes study per a week cannot improve your English skill.

You have to spend many hours for English if you want to speak English fluently.

The labor costs in the U.S. and the U.K. are very expensive.

So it is difficult to take many lessons by these countries teachers for many hours.

I recommend Filipino teachers.

And they are very friendly and kind.

I enjoyed the lessons so much.

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