Moderate exercise is necessary for mental health

moderate exercise

Exercising is good for the health of course, as everyone knows. And it is also good for your mental health. If you stay at home all day, you would be stressed. Especially now, because of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are in a tough situation that they cannot go out freely as before. Therefore, many people feel stress recently.

It would be easy to imagine getting ill mentally if you stay inside your home all along. Such behavior is opposed to an animal instinct. We are animals first, humans second. Modern people are busy working or something. So they tend to lack exercise. In most cases, people would be healthy if they do moderate exercise, sleep well, and eat nutritious food with an appropriate amount.

In my case, I go to the gym or do some sports sometimes. Recently I restarted playing golf. It is very fun and gets rid of stress.

So, if you feel stress, I recommend doing moderate exercise.

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