The reason for my commitment of golf practice


Recently, I practice golf almost every day in order to improve my skills since I’m a beginner. I like playing golf purely as a sport of course, but there are some other reasons why I practice so often.

First, you can play it by yourself while many of other popular sports such as football, baseball, and basketball need several players. So, you don’t have to match other people’s schedule when you play, which is convenient for a busy person.

Next, you can play it even when you get older. Golf doesn’t need such vigorous exercise as other sports. You don’t have to run, jump, nor clash with other players. There are many elderly golf players all over the world actually. You can solve your lack of exercise even in old age.

Also, you have an opportunity to create good personal connections. Common interests are helpful to develop friendships. People who enjoy golf as a hobby tend to have enough money and time. It would be great if you become their golf buddies and do a round of golf course together. So, it is good for networking with rich people.

So far, I have explained general reasons which apply to all people. From now on, I will describe the reasons which are applicable to me in particular. I’m doing my own business as a digital marketer. In marketing strategy, it is easy to make a profit by having wealthy consumers. Therefore, I’m thinking about doing business in the golf industry in the future.

Besides, I will expand my business to the world using YouTube in English. Even if I cannot speak English fluently like a native speaker, it is not so difficult for viewers to understand what I want to tell by watching golfing videos. Anyone who is a big fan of golf should be able to enjoy watching golf without any spoken words.

For these kinds of reasons, I practice golf with discipline and I can recommend doing the same.

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