Politics should not be done by populism | 2020 Tokyo gubernatorial election


The 2020 Tokyo gubernatorial election took place on 5 July 2020 to elect the Governor of Tokyo. Incumbent Yuriko Koike was re-elected by a wide margin.

Her popularity is great in Japan. But it is skeptical that she would govern Tokyo properly. To be honest, I think she is a hypocrite. She gained great popularity during the coronavirus pandemic. She showed leadership to prevent spreading the virus by restricting citizen’s actions exaggeratedly without a scientific basis. The restrictions did severe damage to businesses in Tokyo. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. So, the impact is huge among the entire Japan. Many businesses such as restaurants, bars, clothing shops, travel agencies, airlines, railway companies, etc., are dying now.

She succeeded in giving the impression that she is a strong leader to citizens. She had given many speeches on TV or the internet like YouTube. But her policy wasted money so much. The finance of Tokyo is suffering from compensation and reduction of taxes. I think her policy would result in dismal consequences in the long run.

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