Fukuoka is my favorite city in Japan

The night view of Fukuoka city in Japan

Fukuoka city is located in Kyushu which is the southern island of Japan. The city is famous for its food and liveability. It is one of the most favorite cities for me. There are some reasons why I like it.

First, the food is tasty. Do you know Tonkotsu ramen? It is ramen whose soup broth is based on pork bones. Many Japanese people love the taste. Tonkotsu ramen is originated in Fukuoka.

Tonkotsu ramen

Second, the prices are not expensive. Fukuoka is a big city. The population is over 1.6 million. There are many young people in the city. But you can rent an apartment at a cheap price. Food is also cheap. So, it is comfortable to live.

Third, it is close to South Korea, China, Taiwan. If you like to travel to such countries, it is very convenient to live in Fukuoka. Many tourists from these countries come to Fukuoka city as well.

If you come to Japan, I recommend visiting this city.

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