Japan should be more open to foreigners


Japan is a homogeneous society. There is only a little ethnic diversity. So, Japanese people are not used to communicate to foreign people. Typical Japanese companies don’t employ foreign people so much. It is difficult for foreigners to work at Japanese companies. Traditional Japanese companies have unique cultures in both a good and a bad way. It is difficult for foreigners to adjust such cultures. Japanese are kind of exclusive. Many foreigners are dissatisfied with Japanese exclusiveness. Some apartment owners don’ t rent rooms to foreigners. Because they don’t trust people from other countries.

One reason of that is geographical feature of Japan. Japan is an island country. So, it is hard to go to other countries from Japan, and go to Japan from other countries geographically. Then, Japan became homogeneous society. And Japan has big population. It has big market. So, Japanese don’t rely on external demand so much.

But I think Japan should accept more foreigners. Diversity could be strength of businesses. And Japan is aging society. The birth rate is very low. The population of laborers is decreasing. So Japan should accept more foreign workers. Otherwise Japan would lose its economic power.

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