Playing golf has a number of advantages


I had played soccer and basketball when I was a student. After beginning to work, I started playing golf because my boss recommended it.

Playing golf costs a lot of money. The prices of golf gears and fees of using a driving range and golf course are expensive. It is a luxury sport. So it is hard for young people to play golf.

Playing golf is purely pleasurable of course, but I have other reasons to play.

First, it is good for your health. You have to walk for a long distance to play a round of golf. And it is not so intense sports such as football or basketball. So you can enjoy playing golf even after you get old.

Second, you could become acquainted with rich people. As mentioned above, it costs a lot of money to play golf. Therefore, the number of successful people who play golf is relatively many compared to other sports.

Third, it is good content for YouTube videos. Golf courses have great scenery in general. So you can easily make good videos. Also, viewers are relatively wealthy. It means you could find good customers.

For these reasons, I recommend starting golf.

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