Why do I do business?


It has been five years since I started my own business. One of the big reasons for doing business is earning money, of course. But I have other reasons to do business. I will explain them below.

First, I want to make something like in my job. I like communicating with new people, learning English, traveling, and making videos. So I’m making a living on these things. It is less stressful than working as an employee.

Second, I want to be free. I was an employee before I started a business. I didn’t have enough free time at that time. It was so busy with work. Now, I can decide my schedule by myself. So I can travel when I want. It’s awesome.

Third, this is the biggest reason, I want to help people who are troubled with their stressful lifestyles. Many people are struggling with communicating with other people, working at a job they don’t like. I’ve gotten many comments and emails from these people that they thank me. I am the happiest when I am being thanked by someone. I think it was good to do business in that situation.

For these reasons, I’m doing business.

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