Even beginners can start a business


Many beginners who want to launch a business would think “I’m not able to start a business now because of my lack of skills. After I acquire enough skills, I will start my own business.” However, the day when they get enough skills that they need, won’t come in many cases. I want to recommend that they start a business first, then they learn the skills that they need.

For example, I’m using English on my YouTube channel by interviewing many foreign people in spite of the fact that my English skills are far from perfect. But my channel has over 6,000 subscribers and I utilize it for attracting customers, which is very useful for my business. So, I can say that I use English in my business. And, my English skills are improving gradually through work.

Besides, I will start a business in the golf industry. In fact, I’m not a professional golfer at all, if anything, I’m a beginner. I cannot teach golf to others so far, but I can show a growing process of golfing skills from a beginner to an advanced level, which could be valuable for other beginners. A growing process could become a good story, and people are moved by stories more than skills. Therefore, stories are often used in marketing, actually. There are feelings that only beginners can understand, feelings that would also attract an audience. Not every golf player wants to watch the world’s top golf players. But some players want to watch people who play golf a little bit better than them. For this reason, it is important to decide the target audience or customers of your business.

It is easier for experts to be successful in business than beginners, of course. But it is not impossible for beginners to make a profit for the reasons mentioned above. Then, if you want to start a business, I recommend doing it right now even if you are a beginner. You can improve your skills after getting into a business.

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