How to increase your motivation for freelance job


If you became a freelancer such as a blogger,  you would think it’s hard to keep your motivation to work. Especially, if you deal with a not urgent task, you would think so.

It is because you are alone. You are not employed by someone. You don’t have a boss who manages you. You are your own boss. So, even if you don’t work at all, nobody blames you. You have 100% responsibility for your work. Then, you would tend to be lazy.

I recommend making freelancer’s friends like you. Then, you had better work at the same cafe or somewhere if it’s possible. They would motivate you, especially if they work hard.

I used to work together with friends. We work on each job separately. But we had been working at the same place. If we get tired, we would go to lunch together or something.

The presence of friends stimulates you. Working alone at all times is boring.

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