The number of freelancers is increasing in Japan


More and more Japanese people want to work as freelancer nowadays. The number of freelancers which include side jobs is around 10 million in 2019 reportedly. It means one out of six workers is a freelancer in Japan’s. On the other hand, the number of freelancers in the US is 57 million in 2018. It is much larger than Japan. Japanese freelancers would increase more because Japanese society is following the US.

The first reason for this increase is the development of the internet technology. It gets easier to work as a freelancer than before by using the internet.

Second, the Japanese government executes work system reform. As society becomes diversified and complex, working style needs to be flexible.

Third, people’s virtue is changing. “Salaryman” has been a traditional Japanese working style for many years. We call a white-collar worker Salaryman. They continue working at the same companies since they start working when graduated schools. And they dedicate the company until retiring. But, especially young generations don’t want to work as such style. I’m one of them.

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