Doing YouTube is helpful for learning English!

Doing YouTube

I have been working as a YouTuber for several years. I have interviewed many foreigners and explained my opinions in English on my YouTube channel. It is helpful to improve my English skill. Because, not only that I have to communicate with foreigners well, but also I have to listen to my English to edit the videos for uploading. I can find my mistakes in English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation when I edit the videos. And my audiences correct my mistakes sometimes.

It needs strong motivation to continue English studies. Because it is hard to keep a persistent effort. So, many people give up learning English before being able to master English.

LINGUAMARIANA is one of my favorite YouTubers. She is Russian but speaks English fluently. She teaches English on her YouTube videos. She insists that doing YouTube is the best way to master English. I can agree with her opinion. Her channel is very popular for learning English. I recommend watching it.

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