Understanding the cultural differences is important to make foreign friends

Japanese culture

I have some foreign friends which have different cultural backgrounds in the world. Personally. I enjoy learning about these different cultures.

Knowing other countries’ cultures helps to know your country’s culture. Normally, we are not conscious of our own habits throughout our daily life. You are used to your society, which may be unnatural for people who come from other countries.

I think Japanese people’s characteristics are shyness, group mentality, honesty, punctuality, and respect for order and cleanliness. It depends on the person, of course. But the Japanese people have such features in general.

It is important to know the national characters when you make foreign friends. If you don’t know that, you might be confused by their behaviors. Or you might think of them as rude. In contrast, if you understand their cultures, they would feel familiar with you. Then, it gets easy to become close to each other. From that, I recommend learning your own culture and other countries’ cultures.

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