You don’t have to be employed!


I worked at the biggest Japanese IT company as a engineer for 8 years.

Then I quit the company.


Many people asked me “Why did you quit the company? It’s a prestigious company.”

Some said “You could continue getting good salary! You’re missing out!”

They couldn’t understand why I quit such a good company.

They think that they have to work at companies if they want to earn money.

They don’t know other way of life.

Ignorance takes away an opportunity.

We are brainwashed by schools, media, companies, etc.

We have to know the truth.

You can live without being employed actually.

Five years have passed since I quit the company.

I don’t have boss. I don’t have to commute. I don’t have to work at office.

I feel always free.

I would like more people to know the merits of being a freelancer.

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