How to earn money as a freelancer?


As I wrote in the previous article, I quit a big company after working there for 8 years.

You don’t have to be employed!

Then, how did I earn money?

How can I live without being employed?

I’m going to write about it in this article.

At first, I launched a blog.

The blog is about communication and affections.

I’m good at both. I can teach these skills to many people.

So I wrote many articles. Then, the number of readers was increasing gradually.

After that, I started affiliate marketing.

I introduced products related to communication and affections on my blog.

If readers buy the products in my blog, I can get advertising commissions.


6 months after working as a freelancer, I could earn $3,000 a month.

1 year and 6 months after, I could earn $10,000 a month.

The income got better than working at the company I used to work.

What is better, I didn’t feel any stress to work.

It’s completely different from working as a employee.

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