The University Entrance Examination System in Japan

University Entrance Examination

Japanese universities entrance examination system is almost written tests.

Unlike the Western universities, it doesn’t require interviews, GPA scores, admission essays, letters of recommendation.

That is, it doesn’t evaluate humanity at all.

The candidates are evaluate only by scores of the entrance exams.

So, Japanese students study very hard especially after they become third-year high school students.

In addition to studying at school, many of them study at prep school to prepare for the entrance examination.

It’s all for entering first-choice universities.

Some people criticize the system.


I also studied so hard when I was a third-year high school student.

It was tough time.

As a result of studying hard, I passed the entrance exam of my first-choice university.

It was my first big successful experience for my life.


It was good experience for me.

But still, I think the system should be changed.

Because it’s an unbalanced evaluation system.

Students should be evaluated totally.

Not only for written tests but also humanities.

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