Recommended Places in New York

Washington Square Park

I have many favorite places in New York.

In this article, I’m going to introduce the best two of them.


The first one, Washington Square Park.

Washington Square Park

It’s located at Soho where fashionable young people gather.

New York University is also near the park.

So many NYU students come here.

I shot many YouTube videos in this park.

This is one of them.


New York has many amazing parks like Central Park, Madison Square Park, Bryant Park, Union Square Park, etc.

Such parks are places of recreation and relaxation for New Yorkers.

Among them, my best favorite park is Washington Square park.

Because people are fashionable, it has a great atmosphere, the location is the best.


My second favorite place in NY is along Hudson River.

Hudson River

The scenery is awesome.

You can see beautiful skyscrapers in downtown Manhattan.

It’s also good for running.

Many runners come here.

I used to run too. It was very comfortable.

There are some restaurants and bars along the river.

You can enjoy food and drink looking at the great scenery.

Hudson River Manhattan

The sunset is beautiful.



If you visit NY, I recommend these places.


That’s all.

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