E-mail magazine doubled my income.


As I wrote in previous article, I earned $10,000 a month after I had became a freelancer.

I only used blog for affiliate marketing when I started my business.

I could earn only $5,000 a month at that time.

Then, I introduced E-mail magazine to my affiliate marketing.

Its effect was great.

Regardless of in which industry you are doing business, E-mail magazine is necessary to sell product to readers.

To obtain customer list or prospective list is very important for doing business.

It is less effective to sell for someone thoughtlessly.

You should focus on the prospective clients to sell product.

The subscribers of your E-mail magazine are the prospective clients.

They might buy your product if you sell.

You can sell as many times as you want unless they unsubscribe your E-mail magazine.

So you can stabilize the sales.

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