Japanese anime makes many foreigners decide to come to Japan

Japanese anime gundam

Japanese anime is very popular all over the world. I met many foreigners who love Japanese anime. Many people decide to come to Japan because of the preference to the anime.

The anime and cartoons are the representative of Japanese cultures. Many of anime are based on cartoons.

I read so much cartoons when I was child. I learned Japanese language by cartoons when I was kindergarten child. My parents bought me many cartoons. It helped me to improve my Japanese literacy so much.

There is a great variety of cartoons in Japan. They include even educational materials such as history, business, science.  So I read them sometimes even now.

The Japanese anime is more popular than cartoons. I think the reasons of its popularity are the stories and descriptions. The stories are not simple as Hollywood movies. They are not necessarily happy ending. They are complicated. Some of anime need to be watched several times to understand the stories completely. And the Japanese anime carries a detailed descriptions of people’s emotions and outlook, scenes, and backgrounds.

If you haven’t watched Japanese anime, I recommend watching  them.

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