You don’t have to sell to the greatest number

Good clients

If you are a salesperson or business owner, you might want to sell as much as you can. But all customers are not necessarily good. I mean, there are some bad customers. Bad customers are such as negative, always complaining, having unreasonable expectations, paying less money, etc.

You don’t have to sell your products to such customers even if your sales decrease temporarily. Your income would rather increase in the long run.

Because it takes time to deal with such clients who blame so much. You should concentrate on good customers. They bring not only sales but also other customers sometimes. Do you know the Pareto principle or 80/20 rule? In this case, 20% of good customers bring 80% sales to you. 20% of bad customers require 80% of money and time. It’s not efficient. If you keep relationships with bad customers, you would lose money and time.

You had better make sure who are good and bad customers at first.

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