Videos helps to gain new followers on Twitter


If you want to grow on Twitter, I recommend to always post a tweet together with a picture. A picture or a GIF will increase the tweets visibility by 30%. You can search for copyright-free pictures online and just prepare a list of the picture you always use when posting. GIF is also a great way, but it takes time to load when you’re not connected to WIFI.

Further, recently Twitter has changed and now you can also post videos.

– The maximum video length is 2min 20 seconds for Twitter.
– You can schedule and upload old videos for free if you login in using your computer.

Here you can see how to schedule and re-upload videos on Twitter for free:

By watching my Twitter Analytics, I found that videos get more views than normal tweets. I use old videos from YouTube and edit them, so now I can post them on TikTok or Twitter. It‘s a great way to reuse content. I also reuse my TikTok content and post it using my LINE mail magazine. For LINE I recommend much smaller videos such as 15 seconds.



Have you reused old Video content before? Please tell me.

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