Utilize Triggered Emails

triggered emails

I emphasized the importance of using email magazine to increase your income in the previous article.

When you publish email magazine, you had better utilize triggered emails.

Triggered emails are scheduled emails.

Those are sent automatically based on pre-defined conditions or schedule.

Once you build up a series of triggered emails, you don’t have to write and send emails almost everyday.

After subscribing your email magazine, the readers would get emails regularly.

Then the series of emails increase the readers’(prospective customers‘) desire to buy your products.

You don’t have to do anything at that time.

It’s automatic sales.

All you have to do is wait for customers to purchase.

You can do other things like reading books or traveling abroad like me.

I utilized triggered emails so much.

They helped my business considerably.

Most of successful digital marketers are using triggered emails effectively.

So if you start digital marketing, I recommend that you use them.

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