Story moves people’s hearts


To tell a story is a powerful way to move people’s hearts. So, introducing stories are widely used in marketing. There are many ways to utilize stories that are about a founder of a company, a developer of a product, a customer, etc.

But many people, especially beginners of marketing, tend to appeal a functional value of their products logically. Then, they struggle to sell the products because most people are not moved by logical explanations. People are less interested in functional value than you think. There is a big gap in consciousness between sellers and people. In fact, most people buy products by their emotions not by logic. Many marketers misunderstand it.

Then, how to move people’s emotions? It is effective to use stories to move people. Some sellers might think that they don’t have impressive stories to appeal to their products. But every single person has his own history. And, moving stories have some patterns. So, you can tell your story by using the patterns. Most scenarios of Hollywood movies also use the patterns. You can learn how to make impressive stories by knowing the patterns. Then, you can increase sales.

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