Japanese people worry about making mistakes too much.

I’m talking to many foreign people in English on my YouTube channel.

Then, some Japanese audiences criticize that my pronunciation is wrong, my English grammar is wrong, etc.

They always criticize the imperfections.

Haters gonna hate.

Criticisms are always from Japanese audiences.

Native speakers rarely criticized my pronunciation or grammatical mistakes.

Such a characteristic of Japanese is originated from Japanese education system.

Japanese education system is perfectionism and demerit system.

Correctness, accuracy, preciseness are valuable while failure, mistake, fault are valueless in Japanese school.

Correct or incorrect. That’s it.

So students don’t want to make any mistake. They hate defect.

They don’t want to challenge something. They are conservative.


But what is value?

Communication is not like a textbook.

I’m neither a professional interpreter nor translator.

Who wants English preciseness like textbook when you talk to friends?

It’s unnatural.


I speak English in Japanese accent because I’m Japanese, of course.

I’m not American or British.


Japanese accent is called Samurai accent.

Some native speakers say Samurai accent is cool.

Because many Western people have an image of Japanese people being intelligent.

So Samurai accent sounds like intelligent for them.


If you are Japanese, don’t hesitate to speak English with Japanese accent.

Don’t be shy.

Keep talking.


If you meet people who finds fault with your accent, you should ignore them and keep distance from them.

You don’t have to get along with such people.

That’s it.



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