Admiring celebrities motivate you to learn English


I watch Hollywood movies and American popular TV dramas sometimes. There are many celebrities there. They inspired me to master English because they are cool. Many people want to behave like celebrities.

I think that speaking in imitation of celebrities is a good way to learn English. Learning some skills start by imitating someone. Children learn a language by  imitating their parents.

Recently, I have been watching “SUITS” which is a Netflix drama series about lawyers in New York. An exciting event happens in every story on the drama. Also, the main characters are very cool and intelligent. I have been completely drawn into the drama. At the same time, I have come to think that I wish I could speak English as they do. It is a good motivation to learn English.

You would have favorite actors or actresses. If you wouldn’t, I recommend finding the one and imitating him/her to learn English.

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