I wrote 100 articles in English!

writing a blog

I started writing this blog around three months ago. Since then, I have continued writing articles every day. Finally, I finished writing 100 articles yesterday.

In the beginning, the purpose of writing this blog was only to practice writing English. And my goal was to write 30 articles. But writing an English article has become one of my daily habits. So I decided to continue writing. It was hard for me to write English sentences at first, but it hasn’t become so hard gradually. This is the power of the habit. And I think my English writing skills have been improved.

Not many people read this blog yet. But some of my acquaintances got to know this blog. They say this blog is easy to read.

I want to expand my business to the world in the future. This blog could be helpful to achieve the goal. Because a blog is a powerful tool to do business. So I want to continue writing this blog for a while.

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