Japanese Salarymen work so hard!

Japanese salarymen

After graduating grad school of engineering, I started working at a big Japanese company as a software engineer.

I had worked there for 8 years.

It was severe experience.

I had worked from 9 am to 11 pm almost everyday(!).

In addition, I had worked on Saturday or Sunday sometimes. And I even worked until morning at times.

I wasn’t able to have enough private time.

I thought that it was normal for employees and  that I had to work hard.

My bosses yelled at me often. They were so strict.

But this is a peculiar to Japan. It’s special. It’s strange.

Actually I got sick because of stress. So I decided to quit the company and to make up my own business.

I became my own boss. Nobody command me. It’s freedom.

Japanese labor environment is very tough. I want to promote improvement of it on this blog continuously in the future.

And I explained how tough to work in Japanese company in this video. Please check it!




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