How to shoot interview videos on the street?

interview on the street

My YouTube channel has many interview videos. Most of the interviewees are very beautiful women.

Many people ask me “How to interview them? How to start talking to them? How to carry on a conversation?”

I’m Japanese.  I can’t speak English fluently. (I’m making an effort to become a good English speaker of course.)

But it is easy for me to shoot interview videos on the street.

I will tell you the 5 tips for shooting interview videos.



Tip 1. Be polite. Greet them simply.

Like “Excuse me.” ” How are you?” “Hello!”.

Very simple.

It’s commonsense to make good a conversation.

You don’t have to talk in a roundabout way




Tip 2. Praise.

For example: “You are very beautiful!” “You are fashionable.” ” You are so cool!” “Your bag is very nice!” “Nice sunglasses!”

Like these.

There is not the person who is not pleased to get such praises.

Then they would say “Thank you!”



Tip 3. Introduce yourself.

Such as

“I’m a Japanese YouTuber.”

“I’m doing YouTube videos.”

“I’m making interview videos.”


They would suspect you if you don’t explain who you are.




Tip 4. Explain the reason for the shooting.

“I’m interviewing fashionable people in New York now. You are so fashionable. So I want to interview you on my YouTube channel.”

Like that.


In addition, you had better tell them the benefit for them if you can.

Like, “I can introduce your Instagram on my YouTube channel.”



Tip 5. Listen to their stories.

You don’t have to speak English fluently. You can have an accent.

But you have to listen their stories carefully.

Good communicator is a good listener.

Let’s try to understand what they want to tell.

And ask them about what they are interested in.

They want to talk about things they’re interested in.





If you are aware of these tips, you can make good interview videos.

I hope you will make good videos.

That’s all for today. Thank you.



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