Japanese Workers are Reluctant to Take Paid Vacation

japanese workers

Typical Japanese workers are entitled to take 20 days of paid vacation a year.

But they only take 10 days on average.

One reason for this phenomenon is tradition.

They worry about how colleagues or bosses might think of them taking a vacation.

Because it means extra work for their coworkers.


Japanese people regard cooperative work ethics as very important for working.

They dedicate themselves to their companies.

It is considered a virtue.


I didn’t take a paid vacation so much when I was an employee.

It was difficult to take it because I had a very heavy workload at that time.

Then, if I had taken a vacation, my colleagues would have had to work more.

We were working as a team.

We cooperated with each other.

It sounds nice, but working cooperatively has demerits such as a collective sense of responsibility.

It was so stressful for me that I quit the company and started my own business.


But I heard the situation has been gradually getting better.

The Japanese government encourages workers to take more vacations.

I hope that this situation goes well and workers enjoy their lives.

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