To Learn Copywriting, “Ca$hvertising” is the best book | Book Review


To learn copywriting, I recommend this book.


How to Use More Than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make BIG MONEY Selling Anything to Anyone”



I read this book in the Japanese edition.

It is very helpful for writing sales letters, blogs, email magazines, etc.

The book includes many practical examples.

These examples were written for advertising.

The writing techniques can be used for digital marketing.


Copywriting is an essential technique to sell products on the internet.

Human psychology is applied to the technique.

Copywriters have to move readers’ emotions.


Because people don’t buy products by logic but by emotions.

They buy products by emotions, then justify the purchases by logic.

So, there is no use persuading readers to buy by logic.


This book is easy to read.

You can finish reading it a day.


Most friends of mine who started digital marketing bought the Japanese edition of this book.


This is an essential book.

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