Meetup is very helpful to make international friends


Meetup is a network of communities where people come together to discuss the things they’re passionate about. You can join a great variety of events and communities such as sports, study, business, hobbies, etc. So it is easy to make friends there. When I lived in New York, I joined English conversation communities sometimes. The entrance fee is very low.  Then, I made some friends. It was very helpful for me to learn English and make foreign friends.

You can also hold events and make communities on Meetup.  It could be useful to your business.

Meetup is used all over the world. There might be many events in your country. I also joined international events in Tokyo, Japan. Many of the users want to make friends. So most of them are very friendly. So if you want to make international friends, I recommend joining Meetup events. You can find new friends there.


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