Free could cost more than paid products consequently


Nowadays, an enormous amount of information and services are available for free. You can have exposure to a blog, YouTube, SNS, seminar, etc. free of charge. Some of them are of higher quality than paid products. So, you could obtain enough information without using your money.

However, why people provide information and entertainment for free? There are some purposes, and you can understand them if you learn marketing. In many cases, marketers would make a profit by providing content for free. In general, one of the purposes is acquiring prospective customers. People would get to know the sellers by getting free products or services. Then, if the people who are called prospectives are pleased to the sellers, they would buy paid products.

People prefer to get things for free. But sometimes it costs a lot of money in consequence. This means that people might buy paid products induced by sellers utilizing free products. Such products could be more expensive than their real value. Because the prices include the cost of marketing. In addition, free products might be full of ads and not be user-friendly.

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